Suspense Meets Comedy at Harding’s Theatrical Production

Suspense meets comedy at Harding’s next theatrical production

SEARCY, Ark.—Two short plays will be performed together Jan. 29-31 at Harding’s Ulrey Performing Arts Center. “The Dumb Waiter,” by Harold Pinter, and “Life in Technicolor,” by Mark Haney Levine, Tosca Minotto and Lisa Soland feature talented student cast members and provide a night of varied entertainment.

Colt Cannon, freshman theater major from Hernando, Miss., and Nathaniel Curtis White, freshman theater and English major from Hernando, Miss., star in the dark comedy “The Dumb Waiter.” Kenny Dolinger, senior theater major from Georgetown, Texas, directs the production.

Pinter’s masterpiece features two hired guns waiting in the basement of an old cafe on the order for their next hit. Time creeps by as they await their instructions, tempers flare, and a surprise twist ending keeps the audience on its collective toes.

Malcolm Clark, a junior theater major from Columbia, Md., directs “Life in Technicolor.” This production is a compilation of three one-act plays, including works by Levine, Minotto and Soland. Jonathan Aders, sophomore theater major of Eaton, Ohio, plays the role of Gene, and Larisa Amland, junior art major of Elizabeth City, N.C., plays the role of Jean.

In “Life in Technicolor,” Gene and Jean learn how life and love never quite flow as planned. Humorous dialogue and situational irony prompt the audience to ask deep questions about life goals, dissatisfaction and complacency.

Tickets cost $6, and the program begins at 7 p.m. For more information, call (501) 279-4316.