Three Part Program in Clinton

A three part program, including chess playing, a guest speaker on civics and a public forum on energy self-sufficiency, will be held beginning at 4:30pm on Saturday, February 21, in the Community Room of Petit Jean Electric Cooperative on Quality Drive in Clinton.

Starting things off, chess players are invited to bring their own board and game pieces, come alone or with a partner and pair-up with other enthusiasts for open matches.

At 6:00pm Robert Reed, former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas, will address the topic “Civics 101: Who spends your money?” The informative talk looks at how local government works and how the decisions of local officials effect every pocketbook.

7:00 pm will open a discussion about how to make every home and business in the PJE Cooperative Community ‘energy self-sufficient’ — at least to the degree of being able to survive when the power goes off — by and thru full implementation of and integration with the Arkansas Net Metering Program.

This agenda was appointed during and respective of a public meeting held January 17, 2009, coordinated by The Committee for Honest Law Enforcement. All programs are open to everyone free of charge. For more info contact Christine Beems, chairwoman, 501-745-4153.