TWANG All Girl String Band Coming to Fairfield Bay

The Twang All Girl String Band is an all girl folk-acoustic band featuring banjo, fiddle, bass, guitar and dulcimer and has been amazing audiences with their high energy, tight harmonies, versatile musicianship, and their intricate clogging for six years.The group consists of Anna Caldwell (16 on mandolin, fiddle); Becca Pool (15 on fiddle); Lillyanne McCool ( 15 on banjo, clawhammer, 3 finger resophonic and guitar); plus Crystal McCool (over 21….she says.”way over 21”….on bass).

The group is the product of the Music Roots Program in the Mountain View Schools when the young ladies were in the 4th and 5th grade. When it became apparent they were excelling faster than their peers, they were placed into a group to work together as a band. They performed as a group for the first time at the Jimmy Driftwood Barn in the fall of 2012.

Of course, the “cute” factor made up for their developing skills, and the crowds adored them. Their learning curve was astounding and every six months it was as if you were watching a completely new band. Today, they continue to grow and win numerous awards at state and national levels as individuals as well as a group.

The Twang All Girl String Band will be presented by the North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts and Education (NCAFA&E) as their season opener at the Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills Fellowship Hall; 250 Dave Creek Parkway (in the rear) on Sunday, September 30, 2-4 pm. This will be a no charge event. However, donations will be cheerfully accepted on site in order that NCAFA&E can continue to bring first class artists and displays to Fairfield Bay and surrounding communities. We look forward to sharing this exciting event with you, your children, grandchildren, friends, relatives, and visitors. Call 501-884-3304 with any questions.