Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Restricted on State Capitol Grounds

(LITTLE ROCK, AR) – With the recent proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles, including model aircraft or drones, the Arkansas State Capitol Police have implemented a new policy restricting their use over Capitol grounds.  This includes aircraft for hobby or recreational use, commercial use, or for any other purpose.
The designated area to which these restrictions apply includes the Capitol Building and an area immediately surrounding the Capitol grounds.  The exclusion zone is bounded by I-630 on the South to Markham Street on the North and Victory Street on the East to the railroad tracks on the West.
“We have been discussing this issue for over a year and have determined these restrictions are necessary for the safety and security of the Capitol, its visitors, and employees,” said State Capitol Police Chief Darrell Hedden.
Any person determined to be in violation of this policy will be subject to criminal and civil penalties and liability under both state and federal law.
Any incidents violating this policy will be reported and filed with the State Capitol Police and the Federal Aviation Administration.  Any devices involved will be seized and retained for the duration of the investigation.  Any unclaimed aircraft seized by State Capitol Police will be destroyed 90 days after the end date of the investigation.
The use and operation of unmanned aircraft systems is strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and is also governed by state law.  Any person who observes the use of an unmanned aircraft system or model aircraft on the State Capitol Grounds or within the bounded exclusion zone should immediately notify the Arkansas State Capitol Police at 501-682-5173.