ADVISORY and STATEMENT 60 Plus Association President Jim Martin On House Health Care Plan and AARP Endor$ement

60 Plus Association President Jim Martin issued the following statement today on the House of Representatives health care reform legislation and AARP’s endorsement of the reform plan:

“Members of Congress take notice; seniors have long memories and will hold you accountable next year if you vote to cut Medicare.

“Obamacare doesn’t make sense to seniors at 60 Plus, but AARP’s endorsement makes a lot of ‘cents’ to AARP and their corporate bottom line.

“Either AARP is an insurance behemoth, addicted to obscene profits on the backs of fixed income seniors, or they’re advocates for the elderly. They can’t have it both ways.  No wonder AARP members are melting down the phones at 60 Plus headquarters.”

The 60 Plus Association is a 17-year-old nonpartisan organization working for death tax repeal, saving Social Security, affordable prescription drugs, lowering energy costs and other issues featuring a less government, less taxes approach.  60 Plus calls on support from nearly 5.5 million citizen activists.  60 Plus publishes a magazine, SENIOR VOICE, and a Scorecard, bestowing awards on lawmakers of both parties who vote “pro-senior.”   60 Plus has been called, “an increasingly influential senior citizen’s group” and since 1992 “the conservative alternative to the AARP.”