Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Republican Address to the Nation Receives Support from Around the Nation

Vice President Mike Pence – “Congratulations @SarahHuckabee on an incredible GOP response to the #SOTU tonight! You took the case for Conservatism straight to the American people and it was truly inspiring!”
Gov. Mike Huckabee – “@SarahHuckabee did great in my objective opinion!”
Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) – “Republican states like South Dakota are leading where President Biden is failing. Tonight, @SarahHuckabee did a great job outlining the contrast between state action and Washington disfunction.”
Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) – “Great response to the #SOTU by @SarahHuckabee! A new generation of Republican leaders across America are bringing solutions to kitchen table problems. Our Republican governors are leading the way!”
Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA) – “Republican Governors are leading with common sense, freedom, and opportunity at the front of our agenda!  @SarahHuckabee just proved it.”
Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) – “.@SarahHuckabee shared a response to the State of the Union tonight that truly speaks to families across the country. We have simply got to be a nation that supports strong families, a solid education for our children, safe communities and economic opportunities abound.”
Leader McConnell (R-KY) – “America’s youngest governor @SarahHuckabee is right: Two years of total Democrat control in Washington made America weaker. But Republicans at every level of government are fighting for families and holding President Biden and his party accountable.”
Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) – “Amen, @SarahHuckabee! Let’s keep up the pressure. @JoeBiden can tell us what he wants, but the American people can see the reality and they’re ready for change.”
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) – “Gov Sarah Huckabee Sanders showcases gr8 hope for the future of America & a gr8 need to change course on issues hurting our communities & families Let’s work together to get our economy back on track +fight crime +secure our border etc”
Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) – “.@JoeBiden was talking at Democrats and yelling about Republicans. @SarahHuckabee was speaking to Americans tonight.”
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) – “Our nation’s youngest governor, and Arkansas’s first female governor, @SarahHuckabee, laid out a strong vision of freedom and opportunity. What an inspiration!”
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) – “In the radical left’s America, Washington taxes you and lights your hard-earned money on fire, but you get crushed with high gas prices and empty grocery shelves.” @SarahHuckabee
Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) – “Biden’s policies have put the U.S. on the wrong track, & Americans are suffering as a result. @SarahHuckabee, you embody the conservative values & successful policies of the GOP. Thank you for outlining a better vision for our country & hope for the future of our great nation.”

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) – “Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders will do a tremendous job delivering the State of the Union response.”
Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) – .”@SarahHuckabee⁩ is spot on. “It’s time for a change. … It is time for a new generation of Republican leadership.”
Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) – .”@SarahHuckabee just knocked it out of the park. The contrast between her speech and Biden’s couldn’t be more clear. Republicans offer a vision for a future built on freedom, not fear-mongering.”
Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) – “A star is born could be the title of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders absolutely remarkable speech responding to and drawing a sharp contrast with President Biden’s fantasy wish list state of the union. It was Reaganesque.”
Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) – “Exceptionally strong #SOTU response from @SarahHuckabee! Great job by my friend and newly elected Governor!”
Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) – “Strong response! Well done, @SarahHuckabee! 💪🏼
Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) – “Great by @SarahHuckabee: “[@JoeBiden] seems more interested in woke fantasies than the hard reality Americans face every day. [They] simply want to live their lives in freedom & peace, but are under attack in a left-wing culture war we didn’t start & never wanted to fight.”
Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK) – “Adversity and fear of the unknown can paralyze us, but faith propels us to charge boldly ahead.” -Governor @SarahHuckabee Sanders during her response to Biden’s State of the Union Address. Powerful.”
Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) – “I’m a big fan of @SarahHuckabee, and I look forward to hearing her speech tonight!”
Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) – “Great start by my friend Governor @SarahHuckabee giving the Republican response. Incredibly proud of her and her accomplishments!”
Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) – “Arkansas Governor @SarahHuckabee did a tremendous job delivering the State of the Union response. God bless America”
Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) – “Excellent State of the Union response tonight by @SarahHuckabee who provided a total contrast to President Biden. She and @JuanCiscomani who gave the @HouseGOP Spanish response are part of a new generation of leadership.”
Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) –
 “.@SarahHuckabee showed real leadership tonight, providing common sense solutions to get our country back on track. While President Biden doubled down on his radical agenda, Gov. Sanders laid out a plan to lift up all Americans & preserve the American dream for future generations.”
Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) – “Governor @SarahHuckabee is right, “The dividing line in America is no longer between the Right and the Left. The choice is between normal or crazy.” We cannot allow our country to be hijacked by the Radical Left!”
Rep. Max Miller (R-OH) – “@SarahHuckabee absolutely nailed it. “Whether  Joe Biden believes this madness or is simply too weak to resist it, his administration has been completely high jacked by the radical left.”

Amb. Nikki Haley – “Congratulations to @SarahHuckabee on a powerful rebuttal. You crushed it! #StrongWomen 👠
GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel – “What an amazing response from Gov. @SarahHuckabee! The contrast is clear: As Biden divides, Republicans lead!”

Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles (R-KY) – “Thank you @SarahHuckabee for delivering a common sense response to tonight’s State of the Union address! We are proud of you and Kentucky is next!”

Arkansas Elected Officials

Sen. John Boozman (R-AR) – “Ending the pain too many Americans are experiencing and protecting our economy and national security must be our top priorities, and I appreciated Gov. @SarahHuckabee Sanders’ message encouraging Washington to get back to those basic principles.”
Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR) – “Governor @SarahHuckabee was right in her speech tonight: “We need a change.” The Biden Administration must reverse its radical policy agenda. Containing inflation, strengthening national security, unleashing U.S. energy, and restoring fiscal sanity needs to be America’s focus.”
Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) – “The contrast between President Biden’s and Gov. @SarahHuckabee‘s speech is stark. Congrats Governor on delivering an effective message that addresses the real concerns of Americans. #SOTU
Lt. Gov. Leslie Rutledge (R-AR) – Proud of my friend Gov. @SarahHuckabee on her incredible and patriotic response to the  #SOTU address!
Attorney General Tim Griffin (R-AR) – “I’m very proud of Governor @SarahHuckabee’s strong response to President Biden’s #SOTU. She’s leading with courage & casting a bold, conservative vision to take Arkansas to a brighter tomorrow. Great job, Sarah! #arpx
Sen. Ben Gilmore (R-Crossett) – “Arkansas knows Governor @SarahHuckabee is a real conservative leader. After tonight’s #SOTU response the nation & the world know the same. We have our best days ahead of us because of the work of people like Governor Sanders.”
Speaker Matthew Shepherd (R-El Dorado) – “Powerful response by @SarahHuckabee tonight from Little Rock. The Governor delivered a message that reflects Arkansas values and optimism about our future and one I know resonates nationwide.”
Rep. David Ray (R-Maumelle) – “Watching Governor @SarahHuckabee response to #SOTU! She’s making Arkansas proud! #arpx #arleg
Rep. Ryan Rose (R-Van Buren) – “Watching @SarahHuckabee from @ARGOP DELIVERING A POWERFUL RESPONSE TO President Biden’s weak #sotu #arpx #arleg
Rep. Stetson Painter (R-Mountain Home) – “I’m the first woman to lead my state. He’s the first man to surrender his presidency to a woke mob that can’t even tell you what a woman is.”  One of the most accurate statements of the year! @SarahHuckabee
Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R-Knoxille) – “Something is happening in Arkansas and it’s charging toward the future! #arpx
Rep. Brit McKenzie (R-Rogers) –  “Amazing #SOTU response by @SarahHuckabee. Our Governor said with a full throat a clear message for tomorrow: our nation needs principled leadership. Not snappy sound bites and half truths. America is ready for a new generation of Republican leadership.”
Rep. Carlton Wing (R-North Little Rock) – “Pretty good night for Arkansas!@SarahHuckabee and @EricPMusselman both got a big W.”

Reporters and Commentators

Kayleigh McEnany – “Excellent State of the Union response from Governor. @SarahHuckabee — authentic, bold, and positive! “You and I were put on this earth ‘for such a time as this’ to charge boldly ahead!”

Sean Hannity – “SARAH SLAYS: Arkansas Gov. Delivers Brutal Rebuttal to Biden’s SOTU.”
Kevin Roberts – “This speech was not only the best #SOTU rebuttal ever — it’s the future of conservatism and of the country. Bravo, @SarahHuckabee!”
David Limbaugh – “@SarahHuckabee Very proud of Sarah — What a phenomenal job! What an uplifting speech! What a sound rebuttal to the Newspeak of Joe Biden.”

Tammy Bruce – “.@SarahHuckabee doing an excellent job w the @GOP response to the SOTU address. Well done!”
Sean Parnell – “.@SarahHuckabee’s response to Biden’s garbage SOTU is incredible. Very very well done.”

Bo Snerdley – “Governor Sarah Huckabee has FINALLY broken the spell of horrid speeches after the SOU. THIS IS WHAT A RESPONSE SHOULD SOUND LIKE. @SarahHuckabee G R E A T J O B.”
Molly Hemingway – “Holy schmoly is Sarah Huckabee Sanders a good speaker. I’ve cried twice now.”
Dana Perino – “She did an incredible job. Best response I’ve ever seen. @SarahHuckabee”
Tim Young – “.@SarahHuckabee is legit.”

ALX: “Gov. @SarahHuckabee’s State of the Union Response was the best response I’ve ever seen — Hands down.”
Lisa Boothe – “.@SarahHuckabee is crushing this. Bravo 👏🏻
Guy Benson – “A unifying theme, as @SarahHuckabee movingly speaks of beating cancer in the GOP response.”
Byron York – “Striking line from Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘The dividing line in America is no longer between right or left. The choice is between normal or crazy.’ Will likely get a lot of criticism, but touches on many Americans’ sense that things have gone weirdly wrong in recent years.”
David Brody – “Sarah Huckabee Sanders just defined  the main contour of the 2024 presidential race tonight: CRAZY VS NORMAL. Honestly folks, it’s that simple, #SarahHuckabeeSanders #sotu2023”
Matt Whitlock – “This is a very solid response from @SarahHuckabee. Well-written, hitting the right notes on key issues, and drawing a great contrast with Biden and everything he just slurred out.”
Susan Crabtree – “Sarah Huckabee Sanders with a fiery shot right off the bat…says she’s a mom of young children so knows big whoppers when she hears them: “Forgive me for not believing much of anything we’ve heard tonight.”
Sara Carter – “Gov Sarah Huckabee Sanders is absolutely correct about Biden’s administration and yes Biden has surrendered to the Woke mob, has been hijacked by the radical left, left our border in complete chaos abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, given China the upper hand etc… #AmericaFirst
Lisa Boothe – “Not only is this a great speech, but @SarahHuckabee nailed the delivery. That’s not easy to do when it’s just you and a camera. Flawless job.”
Miranda Devine – “Great speech @SarahHuckabee. “The Biden administration is doubling down on crazy… Pres. Biden puts our nation and the world at risk. He is unwilling to defend our border, defend our skies or defend our people. He is simply unfit to lead… it’s time for a new generation to lead.”
Steve Deace – “Absolutely phenomenal messaging. On point, expresses what time it is, as well as the urgency of the moment and the stakes we’re playing for. Bravo.”
CJ Pearson – “.@SarahHuckabee: “It’s time for a new generation of leadership” She’s spot on. Washington was never intended to be a retirement community.”
Stacy Washington – “WOW. @SarahHuckabee is burning Biden to the ground. Her comparison between herself and him was brutal. #SOTU #SOTU23
Megan Basham – “Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivering perhaps the best state of the union rebuttal I’ve ever seen. Phenomenally good speaker.”


GOP – “@SarahHuckabee nailed it!”

Idaho GOP – “Based @SarahHuckabee

Republican Governors Association – “Tonight, Governor Sanders showed that while Washington is filled with chaos and crisis, Republican Governors are delivering on promises made to our constituents.  Americans look to our states for a better form of government – one that prioritizes freedom in education, energy independence, safer communities, and opportunity for all.  The Biden Administration should take notes.”

Winning for Women – “Last night @SarahHuckabee put forward an optimistic vision for all Americans. As the youngest governor in the nation and a mother to young children, she offered clear leadership. We need more of these common sense policies that lift up working families across the country.”