Art Gallery Features Artist Andrew Blackwell During March

The Arkansas State University–Beebe art department is proud to present the featured artworks of Andrew Blackwell through the month of March in the England Center Art Gallery from noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Admission to the gallery is free and open to the public.

“In my artistic practice, I delve into the realm of sculptural art, primarily utilizing wood as my medium of choice. This choice of material is deeply rooted in its inherent warmth, versatility and the unique texture that it brings to each piece,” said Blackwell.  

Blackwell’s journey into woodworking began with a personal interest that quickly grew into a profound passion. This enthusiasm for the craft led him to a career dedicated to not only honing his skills but also sharing his knowledge with others. Over the years, he has taught at several prestigious institutions, including the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, San Diego Community College District, San Diego State University and the Sam and Alfreda Maloof Foundation. These experiences have allowed him to develop a comprehensive teaching philosophy that emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship, creativity and innovation.

“My work straddles the boundary between traditional craftsmanship and the possibilities offered by contemporary digital technologies,” said Blackwell. “This fusion allows me to push the boundaries of sculpture, creating pieces that are both innovative and deeply connected to the age-old art of woodworking.”

While Blackwell prefers to work with wood mediums, his expertise and curiosity extend to metals, plastics and found objects. This versatility reflects his interest in the objects of everyday life and the ways in which we derive meaning from them.

Blackwell said his inspiration comes from the environment and the interactions it facilitates.

“I am propelled by a keen observation of the objects and spaces around me, drawing inspiration from their form, function and the narratives they embody. The necessity, the inherent human need to create, use and find meaning in objects, is what fuels my creative process,” said Blackwell.

The England Center Art Gallery is located at 201 North Orange Street in Beebe. The gallery presents works of art by students and featured artists throughout the academic year. For more information, contact Thomas Fernandez at (501) 882-8913 or the England Center Art Gallery reception office at (501) 882-4495.

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