Annual Lucky Ducky Regatta and Homecoming at Shirley June 6th

At 11:00 a.m. Barbeque and runs till sold out or no later than 7:00 p.m.
Choice of:
Smoked Barbeque Sandwich plus sides,
Smoked Barbeque Rib Dinner, Baked Beans & Coleslaw
Drinks – Tea & Lemonade
note:  all meat is Pork.

At 1:00 PM Bake Auction bidding starts and winners announced after the Parade around 2:30 p.m.Baked items will be laid out on tables with a “Bid Sheet” in front of each item for folks to place a bid.  Best Bid will win these great treats! Our thanks to all who are baking, including churches, Parents,  4H Leaders, and 4H Kids!

At 3:00 PM at the Annual Lucky Ducky Regatta sponsored by the Shirley Public School foundation.

Numbered ducks will happily race on Weaver Creek to reward the holder of numbered adopt a duck prize ticket to win one of two $250 or one of two $100 prize tickets.

Purchase your tickets at one of the local banks in Shirley, Fairfield Bay or Clinton!

At 5:00 PM Donkey Bingo behind the Community Center Pavilion in Shirley.
Ticket Sales:  Purchase tickets for a chance to win through a Shirley 4 H’er now or throughout the day at Shirley Homecoming, until 4:00 p.m..
Ticket:  $2.00 for a single ticket or $10.00 for 6 tickets (best value).
Prize:  Half of Ticket Sales.

Donkey Bingo is a fun event for all!   The 4H’ers will lead a donkey around a grid of Bingo squares (on the ground) until  “Ollie the Donkey” does his job! (Sorry Bob, but to put it simply, the donkey must poop on a square and that declares the winner)!  Each ticket sold is numbered and our bingo grid will be that number of squares.  However, no square will be numbered on the ground as it is “TOP SECRET” !  You do not have to be present to winner.  The winner will be contacted by phone.

KFFB, KFC, Flowers Baking Company, Sysco, Petit Jean Electric Company, Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office, Shirley School Cooks, Mainstreet Kids, 4H Leaders & Families, Ben Russell for his endless hours of smoking for the Barbeque.