Applications for Christmas Gifts Assistance

Applications for assistance with Christmas gifts will be accepted  at the Stone County Department of Human Services in Mountain View will take place through November 19, 2013.

Trees will be decorated at local banks and businesses  with gift tags noting the child’s name, gift wish and clothing size.   Names will be selected from the tree by those wishing to participate,  and the gifts returned to the bank or Department of Human Services by  December 16th.  Price range will be $30.00 for the gift.   Gifts will be distributed in December with notification by mail to those  receiving gifts.

Eligibility criteria for the gift program will include  household income and family size.  Verification of applicant circumstances  will be completed at the time the application is filed.  The applications  will be accepted for children ages 13 and belo w.  Applicants and  children must be Stone County residents and children must be in the  custody of the parent making application in cases of custody issues.   Applications must be completed in full with child’s name, gift wish,  sex, age, clothing and shoe sizes noted.  Incomplete applications  will not be considered.

Children should not accompany the recipients on the  date of pick-up.

No applications will be accepted after November 19th  at 4:30 p.m.