Art in Full Bloom at White County Medical Center

Budding artists Hadyn Brewer (left) and Jaelyn Belford are two of the Kindergarteners who contributed miniature masterpieces that were part of the Arts in the Hospital exhibit on display at White County Medical Center.

“The theme of the series of artwork is ‘Picasso’s Posies,’ which was inspired by one of Pablo Picasso’s paintings. Picasso occasionally painted in a child-like way,” said Westside Elementary School Art Teacher Cheryl Simmons. “The students feel so proud that their work looks almost like the famous artist. My hope is that it will inspire them to continue painting for years to come!”

WCMC’s Arts in the Hospital program was developed to promote the healing process of patients. The program invites patients and guests to enjoy a variety of art forms during their hospital stay. Art displays range from elementary school student drawings to professional paintings and photography, as well as musical performances from choirs and bands featuring students of all ages.

For more information about Arts in the Hospital, please contact White County Medical Center Event Specialist Anna Overbay at (501) 380-1057 or via email at [email protected].

03.20.13 Art in Full Bloom at WCMC