Black Stallion Arabain Nights Show April 18

Title: Black Stallion Arabain Nights Show April 18
Location: at Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, AR
Description: Equestrian Gala Performance rewarding children for reading the Book, The Black Stallion will take place in Little Rock, April 18th at Barton with two shows, one at 10:15 and the second at 12:15. A pre-show will begin 30 min prior to the show including Arkansas
talented riders. 4th Graders throughout the state will see their book come to life, trick riding, Roman riding and a special performer, The Black Stallion will make an appearance as the children’s book, The
Black Stallion comes to life! Each child received their copy of the book The Black Stallion as a part of the literacy program, The Black Stallion Literacy Foundation program. The General Public is invited,
tickets available at the door for only $10 a person. The show is great fun for a Monday lunch hour, bring your children and grand children.
Start Time: 101500
Date: 2011-04-18