Crawford Says Clean CR Not an Option

Rep. Rick Crawford today asked his colleagues not to consider supporting a clean continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government open.  “It is increasingly clear that many of my colleagues are concerned that a government shutdown would harm, not help, our efforts to rein in government spending due to potential public backlash and a media onslaught surely to blame Republicans,” said Congressman Crawford.  “While I share their concern, there is at least one better option.”

The Crawford proposal would force members who support ObamaCare to reaffirm their commitment to the multi-trillion-dollar entitlement program.  “It is insane to rush ahead with trillions in new entitlement spending in the middle of a debt crisis, but that is exactly what Democrats are insisting that we do,” noted a frustrated Crawford.  “If the other party is absolutely bent on speeding ahead with $1.3 trillion in new entitlement spending in the middle of a debt crisis while Social Security and Medicare are on the brink of bankruptcy, then they should be forced to take that vote.”

Crawford’s CR would fund government at sequestration levels for 30 days after an up-or-down vote in both chambers on the resolution affirming America should rush ahead with massive new entitlement spending as Democrats insist.  At the end of 30 days, Rep. Crawford intends to force another vote the same resolution to fund the government for an additional 30 days.

“It is time we cut away the clutter and debate what I feel is the insanity of this situation,” said Congressman Crawford.  “If we force several votes on this resolution and debate it thoroughly, then I believe the overwhelming majority of Americans will understand and revolt against those who demand that America speed ahead with a $1.3 trillion new entitlement program when our nation is mired in a debt crisis and Social Security and Medicare are rapidly approaching bankruptcy.”