GEDR test schedule

The GEDR Test will be given at Ozarka College in
Melbourne on Nov. 11 and 25 at 8:30 a.m. in Room 516 of the Wyth Duke Adult
Education Building.

The test will also be given at the following locations in November:

Salem                                       Courtroom
9 a.m.              Nov. 12
Mammoth Spring                     Ozarka College
9 a.m.              Nov. 12 and 26
Ash Flat                                   Ozarka College
9 a.m.              Nov. 13 and 20
Calico Rock                             City Hall
9 a.m.              Nov. 14
Mountain View                         Ozarka College
9 a.m.              Nov. 21 and 26

You must present an Arkansas photo ID, a Social Security Card, and proof of
passing Practice Test scores dated within the last year.  There is no cost
to take the GEDR Test. However, if you plan on taking the test at any of
these locations, you must register by calling Ozarka College at 368-7371 or
1-800-821-4335 before the day of the test.  Because of increased demographic
information needed, it may be necessary to allow two days for the testing.

NOTICE:  Free GED Testing ends December 2013.

Ozarka College’s Adult Education program is ADA accessible, EEOC compliant,
and disability accommodations are available upon request.