Greers Ferry Lake Area Razorback Club Deadline Today for Tickets to hear Razorback Coach Mike Anderson

Tickets must be ordered (today) Friday May 4th, if you plan to attend the Mike  Anderson event May 10th at the Heber Springs Community    Center.  They will order only enough food  for people who have purchased tickets.  Please don’t wait till the last  minute if you can, b/c we would like to have everything done right that  night.  Folks you need to support this if you want to see our club in  the top 5 like it has been for the last 3yrs.  I talked with the  Razorback Foundation today, and there biggest gate for Mike Anderson was 405  people.  Right now we are looking at 340 tickets sold.  Please come  out support this and lets be #1!!!!  If we have a good turnout like I  think we will next year we will get the NEW HEAD FOOTBALL COACH.  Right  now we don’t know who that coach will be, but we have gotten the head  football coach every other year.  He will probably be hired in December  or January, and we usually get the football coach in March, so please take  advantage of this unique opportunity we have here with our Razorback Club!!!   Below is information for buying tickets.

The Greers Ferry Lake Area Razorback Club is proud to report that tickets are  now on sell at Eagle Bank in Heber Springs at the Main Bank, Greers Ferry  Branch, Quitman Branch, Fairfield Bay Branch, and the Rose Bud Branch of the  Eagle Banks. First Arkansas Bank & Trust will also be selling tickets at  the 806 West Main Street,  next to Sonic, and on the Bypass in Heber Springs. Also the Quitman Branch  and the Greers Ferry Branch of the First Arkansas Bank & Trust you can  purchase tickets. Tickets are $20 for individual. We also have $400 sponsor  reserved table (8 tickets), $300 reserved table (8 tickets), and $200  reserved table (8 tickets) available. A lot of people like to get the  reserved table so they know exactly where they are sitting.

Doors  will be open around 4:30 pm and the event will start at 6pm. For more  information please call:

Ricky  Davis (501)206-0303 or Bill Lynch (501)362-9350.