Clinton’s 13th annual JUNK BE GONE DAYS May 20-22

Clinton’s 13th annual JUNK BE GONE DAYS May 20-22

Made possible by the City of Clinton and the C.A.R.E Organization working together in an effort to clean up the Historic Downtown Clinton and make Clinton a better place to live.

A few rules:

• Junk Be Gone pick ups will be performed by the City of Clinton so all pick ups will be LIMITED TO CLINTON CITY LIMITS.

• Items must be placed on the side of the road the day before scheduled pick up so that all items are AVAILABLE FOR WORKERS TO ACCESS EASILY WHEN THEY ARE IN YOUR AREA.

• ITEMS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PICK ARE household garbage, shingles, paint cans, tar cans, and tires that are still mounted to the rim (tires not attached to the rims can

be picked up).

Schedule of Pick Up Dates and Locations within Clinton City Limits:

• Highway 16 East and Highway 16 West…Monday, May 20th

• School Hill and Downtown………………Tuesday, May 21st

• Little Red River south to city limits…Wednesday, May 22nd