Congressman Crawford to Vote No on Debt Increase

WASHINGTON – Congressman Rick Crawford (R-Ark.) today will vote no on a stand-alone debt ceiling increase that allows the federal government to borrow an additional $2.46 trillion without permanent structural reforms to the way Washington does business.

 “It is time for both parties to address how Washington spends taxpayer dollars,” said Congressman Rick Crawford. “I will not consider a vote to raise the debt ceiling unless we enact structural spending reforms to ensure we are not put in this position again. For decades, both parties voted to raise the debt ceiling unconditionally without a sense of consequence. It is time we change how Washington does business.  Addressing our debt crisis by simply adding more debt is not the solution. I will not consider a vote to increase the debt ceiling unless we enact permanent structural reforms.”

 Congressman Rick Crawford is the first Republican elected to represent Arkansas’s First Congressional District since Reconstruction.  He serves on the Agriculture and Transportation & Infrastructure Committees. Rick and his wife Stacy, both ASU alumni, reside in Jonesboro with their two children.