The White County Regional Library System recognizes those who volunteered at the library

The White County Regional Library System would like to recognize those who volunteered at the library during the summer and fall of 2014.  Volunteers at the Searcy Public Library included Bailey Baker, Ben Bufford, Sarah Falck, Teri Faust, Linda Fowler, Sally Glover, Yvonne Ing, Jessica Jones, Julie Killough, Donna MacDowell, Mallory Moon, Haley Ortiz, Rayna Parks, Katie Rose, Faith Williams, Grace Williams, and Isaac Wooten.  Volunteers at the Goff Public Library (Beebe) included Anna Burke, Stephanie Glover, Catherine Hall, Kaley Moser, Jack Pruitt, Jeannie Pruitt, Jenna Pruitt, Will Pruitt, and Rose Richardson. Sierra De Ruiz-Hendrix Wood volunteered at the Lyda Miller Public Library (Bald Knob). These 28 individuals contributed a combined total of over 435 hours.  Top contributors were Yvonne Ing (170hours), Rayna Parks (32 hours) and Haley Ortiz (32 hours).  All volunteers received a certificate and those working 7 hours or more received a candy-filled mug as a token of appreciation for their service to the library.