Hideaway Pizza Wants YOU! (Or at least your photographs!)

Oklahoma-based Hideaway Pizza is opening their first out-of-state location in North Little Rock in the fall, and they need your photos to create one of their signature collage pieces representing Arkansas’ natural beauty and reflecting the state slogan, Arkansas, the Natural State.

The pizza company has an artist who custom makes collages of different themes for each store they open. The North Little Rock location will get a giant 4’ x 24’ two-sided collage that will hang in the dining area. One side will be covered with images of Razorback Life, and the other will be images of Arkansas’ natural beauty.

What the company is looking for is photographs of Arkansas’ many places of natural beauty, along with images of people out enjoying their natural surroundings. If you want to share images of you or your loved ones participating in Razorback fan events, the company needs some of these as well.

If your photos get chosen for the collage there is no compensation other than having your image immortalized on a giant piece of art in a public place!

Hideaway Pizza needs the images to be submitted by Monday, August 1st at the latest, as it takes quite a while to complete collages of this size. There are, naturally, a few rules, listed below:

You may submit unlimited number of photos, but you may not use an agency or automated system to enter.

By submitting your photo, you grant Hideaway Pizza royalty-free, nonexclusive right to use your photo at the discretion of management.

If you choose to include people in your submission, you are responsible for obtaining the necessary releases from the individuals depicted, and must be able to provide copies of those releases to Hideaway Pizza upon request.

The following submissions will not be considered for inclusion:

1.) Photos that violate or infringe upon another person’s rights, including but not limited to copyright.
2.) Photos that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable or inappropriate content.
3.) Images that involve the willful harassment of wildlife, or damage to the environment by the photographer.
4.) Images that involve putting any individual or animal in danger.
You can submit photos via the link below:


Hideaway Pizza is known for their unique interior art collages as well as their other colorful and historic décor, including kites and historic images of their locations and staff from years gone by.

Another location in Conway is in the works to open in spring of 2017, when the company will celebrate their 60th Anniversary of the opening of the original location in Stillwater, OK.

The original Hideaway opened in 1957 on Campus Corner in Stillwater, OK next to the Oklahoma State University campus. It is still owned by the family of founder Richard Dermer, who passed away in 2014. Hideaway 2, Inc. was formed in 1993 and holds the developmental rights to expand the brand outside of the Stillwater market.

Anyone with questions can email them to [email protected] before submitting images.