KFFB at Mitchell’s Used Cars in Mountain View was a Success

kffb-on-location-at-mitchells-used-cars(Above) KFFB on Location at Mitchell’s Used Cars

steve-and-bob-talk-deals(Above) Steve and Bob talk Deals

mr-mitchell-welcomes-folks(Above) Mr Mitchell welcomes folks

family-deals(Above) Family Deals

rick-working-a-deal(Above) Rick working a deal

ashley-welcomes-folks-in(Above) Ashley welcomes folks in to sign up for prizes

bob-and-gary-talk-about-specials(Above) Bob and Gary talk about specials

couples-check-out-the-deals(Above) Couples check out the deals

bubbles-are-a-favorite(Above) Bubbles are a favorite

folks-look-over-cars-on-the-lot(Above) Folks look over cars on the lot

folks-sign-up-for-the-giveaways(Above) Folks sign up for the giveaways

gary-poses-for-a-picture(Above) Gary poses for a picture

good-food(Above) Good Food

good-time-for-all(Above) Good time for all

the-girls-are-on-the-air(Above) The Girls are on the Air

ashley-and-bob-talk-deals-too(Above) Ashley and Bob talk deals too

folks-take-a-break-for-a-picture(Above) Folks take a break for a picture

great-food(Above) Great Food

more-families(Above) More families

ready-to-go-mudding(Above) Ready to go Mudding