Ozarka College releases President’s, VPAA’s List

Ozarka College recently announced that 94 students have been named to the President’s List and 98 students have been named to the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ List for the spring 2012 semester.


To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 college credit hours, excluding developmental courses, not be on any type of probation and must have a minimum 4.0 grade-point average. To be eligible for the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ List, students must meet the same requirements, with the minimum grade-point average of 3.5 being met.



Fulton County students on the President’s List include Almeda Martin of Elizabeth; Tammi Hall of Glencoe; Carole Bellows, Lisa Powell, Stephanie Robertson, and Madison Sims of Mammoth Spring; Susan Adkins, Jamila Amer, Edward Boris, Tina Boris, Tara Cunningham, Kasey Hendrix, and Amber Seilhymer of Salem.



Izard County students on the President’s List include Rylie Bevill of Calico Rock; Steven Marshall of Dolph; Hillary Brooks and Paul Rivera of Horseshoe Bend; Connie Conrad, Jessica Holowell, Krista Hoskinds, Rosita Little, Cheryl Massey, Chase Massey, Marcus Mitchell, Joanne Sumrall, and Julie Vaughn of Melbourne; Brittnee Donaldson of Mount Pleasant; Leah Burrus, Rebecca Simmons, Paul Stewart, and Ashley Walker of Oxford; Shawnda Hutchins of Sage; Lindsey McHalffey and April Perkins of Violet Hill; Malynda Mead of Wiseman.



Sharp County students on the President’s List include Julia Clark, Cheryl Lee, Justin Repech, Dominique Richardson, Thaddeus Steed, and Deneice Stroud of Ash Flat; Charles Bell and Anthony Thacker of Cave City; Adam Askew, Shaun Cronin, Kaitlin Foulks, and Cinda Pike of Cherokee Village; Debra Berkenes, Amber Johnson, David Montague, and Robin Paparelli of Evening Shade; Amy Hussung of Hardy; Loretta Praught of Poughkeepsie; April Weaver of Sidney.



Stone County students on the President’s List include Donny Cox, Kasie Cox, and Michelle Pitts of Fifty Six; Amanda Burns, John Fitzgerald, and Darla Richardson of Fox; Robert Allen, Morgan Bray, Kaitlynn Butler, Jennifer Criddle, Belinda Davenport, Emily Dixon, Tara Duran, Keshi Nordrum, Hileigh Richeson, Phyllis Roddenberry, Bruce Shipman, Heather Smith, May Taylor-Brown, Kara Tibbits, Taylor Wade, and  Kimberly Yoder of Mountain View; Kaylie Switzher of Timbo.



Other counties represented on the President’s List are as follows:



Independence County: Whitney Medlock and William Williams of Batesville.



Monroe County: Jerry Burks of Brinkley.



Van Buren County: Chrystal Barnett, Brian Barnett, and Claytie Barnett of Clinton; Elizabeth Bensuk of Dennard.



Cleburne County: Monica Morgan of Edgemont.



Baxter County: Anthony Slater of Gassville; Hannah Teague of Norfork.



Boone County: Amanda Webb of Harrison.



Searcy County: Joy Johnson, Sharon Joslin, and Sandra Lemarr of Leslie.



Oregon County, Mo.: Stephen Clark, Brandi Miller, and Roberta Sutton of Thayer.



Fulton County students on the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ List include: Monica Bologna, Tabitha Hahn, and Alicia Speaight of Camp; Jessica Kelley, Christi Reed, and Kayla Rose of Mammoth Spring; Joshua Coker and Dalton Foster of Salem; Johnny Emery of Sturkie.



Izard County students on the VPAA’s List include Mika Alexander, Korina Strauser, and Ryan Walker of Brockwell; Patti Southard and Amber Watts of Calico Rock; Beth Brown, Gretchen Casey, Debra Shelton, Randall Sutton, and Laney Wiles of Horseshoe Bend; Christina Bolivar, Taylor Cowan, Cecil Dowdle, Anthony Guiltner, Haley Hardaway, Michael Hellesvig, Shawnette Kimble, Adam Peek, Devin Ramsey, Jason Rush, Jourdan Sanders, Morgan Vines, and Jason Wyse of Melbourne; Lynnette Bray, Samantha Clements, and Brendan Clements of Mount Pleasant; Deborah Mullins and Tyler Williams of Oxford; Wenona Benbrook and Heather Robinson of Pineville; Donna Ashworth and Kayla Cooper of Violet Hill; Abram Mead and Uriah Mead of Wiseman.



Sharp County students on the VPAA’s List include Leah Brown and Melissa Richey of Ash Flat; Dustie Lowe, Kristen Ward, and Clayton Younce of Cherokee Village; Jennifer Finley of Evening Shade; Tim Davidson, Emily Faucheux, and Brooke Messer of Hardy; Amanda Masson and Morgan Winston of Sidney; Destiny Boren of Williford.



Stone County students on the VPAA’s List include Whitney Jason and Jason McGowan of Fifty Six; Latrisha Blair of Fox; Lindsie Aaron, Brenda Ausborn, Hope Broyles, Heather Burns, Lyn Craig, Angie Gibson, Lachelle Green, Dylan Harris, Richard Ivy, Durana Layman, Carrie Lundy, Sarah Mickler, Bailey Miller, Kimberly Picazo; Becky Smith; Timothy Williams; Larry Wofford of Mountain View; Kallie Ross, Christian Scott, and Donita Zini of Timbo.


Other counties represented on the VPAA’s list include Oregon County: Gina Keeney of Alton; Independence County: Jessica Coleman, Tamara Haddock, and Rachael Sturdivant of Batesville; Adam Barber of Newark; Logan County: Karen Schlorer of Booneville; Van Buren County: Tara Barnett and John Erby of Clinton; Ashley McKay of Fairfield Bay; Patrick Liles, Samantha Slavens, and Amy Tavares of Shirley; Cleburne County: Whitley Turner of Drasco; Prairie County: Johnny Ring of Hazen; Craighead County: Benny Leija of Jonesboro; Searcy County: David Latham of Leslie; Greene County: Cole Case of Paragould; Lawrence County: Kristen Soraci of Ravenden; Allison Gray of Smithville.