Ozarka College Releases President’s, VPAA’s Lists

Ozarka College recently announced that 75 students have been named to the President’s List and 115 students have been named to the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ List for the Fall 2012 semester.

To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must be enrolled in at least 12 college credit hours, excluding developmental courses, not be on any type of probation and must have a minimum 4.0 grade point average. To be eligible for the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ List, students must meet the same requirements, with the minimum grade point average of 3.5 being met. This is the second semester for the VPAA’s List.

The Ozarka College President’s List is as follows: Danielle M. Andrews of Violet Hill, Donna L. Ashworth of Violet Hill, Samuel W. Baldridge of Williford, Shira L. Bales of Viola, Jessica A. Beaudoin of Brockwell, Charles Bell of Cave City, Carole M. Bellows of Mammoth Spring, Elizabeth K. Bensuk of Dennard, Christina I. Bolivar of Melbourne, Edward G. Boris of Salem, Tina R. Boris of Salem, Hillary A. Brooks of Horseshoe Bend, Amanda L. Burns of Fox, Gretchen Casey of Horseshoe Bend, Stephen W. Clark of Thayer, Kayla M. Cooper of Violet Hill, Shaun M. Cronin of Cherokee Village, Tim G. Davidson of Hardy, Margo D. Drinkard of Sidney, Tara D. Duran of Mountain View, Shelia D. Eubanks of Salem, Emily A. Faucheux of Hardy, Jennifer L. Gill of Hardy, Monica G. Glasser of Melbourne, Anthony J. Guiltner of Melbourne, Tamara J. Haddock of Pleasant Grove, Marcia L. Helm of Norfork, Jessica S. Holowell of Melbourne, Ariel J. Housmann of Cherokee Village, Sarah L. Humphrey of Cave City, Amy Hussung of Hardy, Paige L. Jennings of Elizabeth, Shawnette N. Kimble of Melbourne, Cheryl A. Lee of Ash Flat, Sarah M. Loggins of Marshall, Scott C. Martins of Cherokee Village, Abram J. Mead of Wiseman, Malynda R. Mead of Wiseman, Whitney J. Medlock of Batesville, Sarah B. Mickler of Mountain View, Kristin M. Montgomery of Melbourne, Linda E. Moss of Maynard, Keshi L. Nordrum of Mountain View, Jessie A. Orr of Ash Flat, Cinda C. Pike of Cherokee Village, Kirby L. Pool of Melbourne, Chasity D. Reamon of Fox, Candice M. Richards of Ash Flat, Paul R. Rivera of Horseshoe Bend, Stephanie H. Robertson of Mammoth Spring, Kayla S. Rose of Mammoth Spring, Shannon L. Scott of Calico Rock, Amber D. Seilhymer of Salem, Kaitlin A. Sellers of Cherokee Village, Rebecca R. Simmons of Oxford, Madison R. Sims of Mammoth Spring, Vanessa M. Smith of Melbourne, Joseph D. Sowell of Shirley, Kathy I. Staggs of Wideman, Thaddeus J. Steed of Ash Flat, Anthony J. Stillwell of Salem, Hannah Z. Teague of Calico Rock, Ryan T. Walker of Brockwell, Lisa J. Walker of Williford, Crystal I. Walling of Cave City, Kristen N. Ward of Cherokee Village, April D. Weaver of Sidney, Emily L. Wheelis of Cherokee Village, Laney E. Wiles of Horseshoe Bend, William E. Williams of Batesville, Joyce M. Wollschlager of Williford, Evan C. Wood of Mountain View, Jason B. Wyse of Melbourne, James E. Yarnell of Glencoe, Kimberly D. Yoder of Mountain View

The Ozarka College VPAA List is as follows: Kristy N. Adams of Mountain View, Brandon J. Ballard of Melbourne, Jackson W. Barber of Fifty Six, Brian D. Barnett of Clinton, Kari L. Bearden of Fox, Debra A. Berkenes of Franklin, Rylie A. Bevill of Calico Rock, Christy M. Bigness of Sage, Latrisha S. Blair of Fox, Skyler M. Bolivar of Melbourne, Monica N. Bologna of Camp, Augustas M. Brazeal of Mammoth Spring, Shana D. Brink of Ash Flat, Pamela R. Brooks of Sage, Leah N. Brown of Ash Flat, Lesli D. Brown of Mountain Home, Hope R. Broyles of Mountain View, Makayla D. Bullock of Thayer, Crystal D. Burns of Mountain View, James D. Cartwright of Mountain View, Cole F. Case of Paragould, Jamie E. Christopher of Mammoth Spring, Naomi C. Clingan of Salem, Jimmy L. Clouse of Hardy, Caleb A. Cobb of Mountain View, Joshua N. Coker of Salem, Charmaine J. Coker of Salem, Heather L. Collins of Ravenden, Samantha J. Corsaut of Salem, Taylor W. Cowan of Melbourne, Belinda C. Davenport of Mountain View, Chelsea B. Day of Mountain View, Margo Del Real of Timbo, Emily A. Dixon of Mountain View, Kaitlynn R. Drinkard of Sidney, Tiffani S. Eatherton of Mountain View, Johnny C. Emery of Sturkie, Steffanie A. Evans of Mount Pleasant, Joseph B. Everett of Mountain View, Zachary W. Ferguson of Mount Pleasant, Chelsea R. Finley of Sidney, Kody J. Finley of Sidney, Justin B. Foll of Pleasant Grove, Kaitlin J. Foulks of Cherokee Village, Vivian Franks of Salem, Lucy L. Gaddy of Clinton, Desiree N. Goodman of Sidney, Lachelle N. Green of Mountain View, Carrie A. Grigg of Melbourne, Savannah E. Hall of Mountain View, Erica L. Harguess of Jonesboro, Dylan L. Harris of Mountain View, Kimberly S. Harvell of Sturkie, Dustin D. Headstream of Sidney, Dexter K. Hollaway of Melbourne, Kelsey L. Hopper of Mammoth Spring, Richard J. Ivy of Mountain View, Michelle J. Jackson of Gepp, Whitney J. Jason of Fifty Six, Edith L. Jensen of Hardy, Shanon D. Lancaster of Mountain View, David W. Latham of Fifty Six, Dana L. Lilley of Cave City, Rosita A. Little of Melbourne, Carrie A. Lundy of Mountain View, Paula E. Marshall of Mountain View, Alecia D. Martin of Cherokee Village, Amanda N. Masson of Sidney, Lampeshia C. Masterson of Marshall, Jennifer R. May of Cave City, Kara A. Mcbroom of Shirley, Josephine L. Mccann of Desha, Charlete M. Mcdonald of Cherokee Village, Uriah P. Mead of Wiseman, Nicole L. Morris of Batesville, Le Andra M. Murray of Mountain View, Johnny V. Myers of Batesville, Garrett C. Passmore of Fifty Six, Ashley M. Peek of Melbourne, Tyler W. Pendarvis of Hardy, Kimberly R. Picazo of Mountain View, Sherry L. Prichard of Mountain View, Rebekah L. Ray of Mountain View, Stephanie M. Reynolds of Thayer, Luke M. Rogers of Mountain View, Colten W. Rose of Mountain View, Kallie J. Ross of Timbo, Bobbie P. Rush of Melbourne, Jason N. Rush of Melbourne, Jourdan D. Sanders of Melbourne, Christian H. Scott of Timbo, Elizabeth D. Sharp of Thayer, Amber M. Sherer of Mountain View, Martha M. Shuping of Mammoth Spring, Anthony R. Slater of Gassville, Cara C. Smith of Sage, Becky S. Smith of Mountain View, Shawna R. Solimine of Horseshoe Bend, Patti V. Southard of Calico Rock, Korina K. Strauser of Brockwell, Samaya S. Strutton of Timbo, Kaylie J. Switzer of Timbo, James E. Trammell of Mountain View, Kayla M. Upshaw of Pocahontas, Ashley I. Van Dyke of Mountain View, Tayler B. Wade of Mountain View, Judy L. Walker of Sage, Lakesha J. Wallace of Mountain View, Michael L. Ward of Mountain View, Alexa M. Wetzler of Evening Shade, Kara D. Whited of Ash Flat, Timothy R. Williams of Mountain View, Morgan E. Winston of Sidney, Jacob Z. Wolford of Hardy, Kimberly D. Zeiger of Williford