Ozarka Participates in Second Cultural Exchange

John Van Orman (left of map), David Mitchell in red (right of map) and students (far right)

Melbourne – Ozarka College Cultural Anthropology students in Mountain View held a second online exchange with students from Gorno Altaysk State University in Siberia on Tuesday, April 6th. The exchange was conducted via Skype and was entitled Working Together: Applied Anthropology and Applied Science: Anthropologists and Biologists Working to Benefit Communities.

Cultural Anthropology instructor, John C. Van Orman invited Biology instructor, David Mitchell and his biology students to join in the conference since the focus of the discussion was measuring and managing water quality. Special guest speakers for the Mountain View class were scientists, Dr. Cynthia Annett and Ms. Heidi Mehl. They have done extensive water quality research in their home state of Kansas and in the Altay Republic in Siberia. Their presentation included discussion of the importance of scientists possessing cultural skills enabling them to work with local and indigenous communities in order to effectively manage water resources.