Pryor Seeks to Increase Use of Natural Gas and Propane Vehicles

WASHINGTON D.C. – Senator Mark Pryor today introduced the Fueling American Act to increase the production and sale of natural gas and propane vehicles and develop natural gas and propane vehicle infrastructure across the country.

He said states like Arkansas — rich in natural gas resources — stand to benefit from the increased demand as more consumers purchase natural gas and propane vehicles. Additionally, these vehicles reduce the burden of fuel costs for consumers, encourage the development of more environmentally-friendly sources of energy and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

The Fueling America Act provides a consumer tax credit for the purchase of natural gas or propone vehicles as well as a tax credit for the installation of natural gas and propane refueling stations.  The bill also establishes a natural gas and propane vehicle research and development program within the Department of Energy and requires the General Services Administration to study increasing the federal fleet that runs on natural gas or propane.

You can access audio of Senator Pryor’s discussing the Fueling America Act by clicking on the following link:

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