Reynolds asks Governor Mike Beebe: Stand up for Veterans

CONWAY – Republican United States Senate candidate Col. Conrad Reynolds (U.S. Army, Ret.) held a press conference and a meeting with military veterans and concerned citizens. Veterans and everyday citizens from around the state lead by Col. Conrad Reynolds meet in the Rotunda of the State Capitol for the express purpose of making their voices heard and demanding equal rights under the law.

Arkansas has a law on the books that deliberately disenfranchises military veterans with regard to their presence on the ballot if they seek public office. This is wrong and it’s completely corrupt in its foundation and intent. It’s another example of career politicians making laws that apply to everyone else but themselves. This must stop.

Col. Conrad Reynolds lead veterans and voters in delivering a letter of appeal to Governor Mike Beebe asking him to use the power and weight of his office to urge lawmakers to repeal or amend that portion of the law so that everyone may be equal under the law.