Shelly Wooldridge named outstanding faculty at UACCB

University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville announced Shelly Wooldridge of Batesville as the 2013 outstanding faculty member. Shelly is a psychology instructor at UACCB.


Starting her teaching career at UACCB in 2000, Shelly recently completed her thirteenth year at the institution. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pittsburg State University (PSU), a Master of Science in General Psychology from PSU. and a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from the University of North Dakota.



Wooldridge has been named outstanding faculty in the past and was sincerely grateful for receiving the honor again since the nominations are from students and colleagues. “I have had a difficult year in many ways and receiving this honor has reminded me of why I do what I do. I am here to help others learn,” she said. “God granted me the opportunity to teach and my coworkers have supported me in this endeavor. My students have touched my soul as I have strived to help them achieve their dreams.”



Her students have a mutual fondness for Ms. Wooldridge calling her “the best instructor I have ever had!” One student noted “she is my favorite instructor. She listens, she’s helpful, she’s funny, and she makes the class interesting with her humor. She has inspired me to explore the field of psychology as a career and has made an impact on my life and future.” Division chair for arts and humanities, Susan Tripp is equally complimentary, adding that she appreciates Shelly’s enthusiasm and energy in the classroom and although her classes are not easy, her students are inspired and truly learn the subject matter.



Shelly’s advice to current and future students is to pursue their dreams with passion. “Although life will have obstacles and people will try to discourage you and tell you that you are not smart enough or that you will never succeed…don’t listen to them! Do not let others determine your path in life. Do what inspires you. Life is too short to do otherwise!”



Shelly enjoys traveling, reading, and as her students can attest – playing bingo. She and her husband, Heath, just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. He is Director of the Physical Plant at the college.