White County Regional Libraries to Offer “Food For Fines”

The White County Regional Library System announces  that November 2013 will be a Food for Fines month.   This one-time event will be offered at the Beebe Public Library, Bradford  Public Library, Baldwin Memorial Library, the Lyda Miller Public Library,  the Pangburn Public Library, the Rose Bud Public Library, and the Searcy  Public Library.  Library customers are required to return all overdue  items to the circulation desk along with one or more non-perishable  food items for all accrued fines on the account to be forgiven.   Lost or damaged items must be paid for or brought up to date and are  not included in this fine amnesty.  Each library branch will choose  a charitable organization in their community to receive the food. This  fine amnesty allows library customers to receive a clean slate where  they will once again be encouraged to take full advantage of the wide  range of

services the library has  to offer.  The White County Regional Library System’s mission  is to “be at all times a dynamic public resource…providing information,  materials and services to stimulate ideas, advance knowledge and enhance  the quality of life for all members of the public library community.”   For more information about the Food for Fines month, library customers  should stop by the White County Regional Library Branch nearest them  or call 501-268-2449.