35th Anniversary Celebration at the Batesville Eye Care October 1st

Don’t miss the 35th Anniversary Celebration of Batesville Eye Care in Batesville on Friday, October 1, 2021. Dr. James and Gina Davis and Son Dr. Mark Davis invite everyone out to their Celebration of Goodie Bags and Lots of giveaways.

Timeless 106.1 KFFB will be Broadcasting Live this Friday from 10 am to 1 pm. Plus, drop by with a Timeless window sticker on your vehicle, or we’ll get you a sticker for a chance to win $106.10, that’s this Friday from 10 till 1 at Batesville Eye Care on Harrison Street next to Splash Carwash in Batesville. We will be serving up free Petite Jean Hot Dogs, wrapped in a Sunbeam Bun, with Pepsi and Popcorn during our live remote Broadcast, with Timeless 106.1 KFFB.

Timeless 106.1 KFFB’s Bob Connell Dr. Mark Davis, Gina, and Dr. James Davis