41st Cave City Watermelon Festival July 29th-31st Ending with Free Tracy Byrd Concert

If you’re looking for a little taste of the Ozarks, you won’t want to miss the Cave City Watermelon Festival, July 29th-31st.  Now in its 41st year, the celebration of the world’s sweetest watermelons is a free event with nationally recognized headliners, such as Tracy Byrd and Danielle Peck. 
In the last few years, the festival has been creating a bit of social media excitement by premiering music video song parodies featuring the town, the watermelons, and the talented people who live there, such as “Waitin’ on a Melon” and “World’s Sweetest Melons,” sung by Justin Wilson.  This year’s song is bound to be another favorite.  Set to the tune of Tracy Byrd’s “I’m From the Country” the festival premiered “I’m From Cave City” last night on its Facebook page.
“It’s such a fun way to get our local people excited for the upcoming event,” said Crystal Crow, the festival volunteer who heads up the song/video creation each year.  “The event is partially made what it is by the excitement our friends and neighbors bring to the event.  They are the ones who the visitors see at the event creating the dose of Southern hospitality and the welcoming, homecoming, feel everyone loves.  And the excitement for our festival grows tenfold through their shares, while we get to highlight some of our local talent.  This year’s song features Garrett Duncan.  Garrett is a local who was all in from the time I contacted him.  He is an incredibly talented musician, singer, and also produces his music,” said Crow. 
For more information about the festival or to see the schedule, visit www.cavecitywatermelonfestival.com and be sure to enjoy and share their latest video athttps://fb.watch/v/1ONqTfP3Q/