AFA criticizes Obama appointment of transgendered man to commerce position

President Barack Obama made history on New Year’s Eve when he appointed the former Mitchell Simpson, who now identifies himself as a female named Amanda, to a position as a senior adviser in the Commerce Department.

Simpson apparently is the first transgendered individual to become a presidential appointee to the federal government, and Simpson was quoted as saying that he hopes “I will soon be one of hundreds.” Gay activists are celebrating his appointment as a milestone in their crusade for special rights, recognition and approval for homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered behavior.

According to WorldNetDaily, Simpson, a former test pilot and father of a 15-year-old son, has spent $70,000 on a total of six sex-change operations and now presents himself as a woman.

The American Family Association (AFA) believes the appointment is a severe mistake, because it puts the weight of the federal government behind the normalization of sexual deviancy.

Tim Wildmon, president of AFA, said, “‘Amanda’ is a biological male in every cell of his body, and no amount of surgical mutilation is ever going to change that. It’s a mistake for our president to appoint such a sexually confused individual to a position of public responsibility.

“Gender is assigned by the Creator at the moment of conception, and no healthy society should ever regard sexual mutilation, even if it’s self-inflicted, as something that’s normal and merits approval. But that’s exactly the kind of signal the president has sent here. This appointment should be rescinded immediately.”

Bryan Fischer, AFA’s director of issues analysis, adds that there are some important psychiatric issues that need to be considered here: “According to the American Psychiatric Association, transgenderism is a mental health ‘disorder.’ That’s their word, not ours. This means bluntly that mental health professionals believe that Simpson is suffering from mental illness. Simpson needs therapeutic help, not a position where’s he’s shaping public policy.

“As they say in Washington, ‘personnel is policy.’ By this appointment, the president has normalized sexual confusion, sexual mutilation, and mental health disorders, and has contributed to the terrible practice of defining deviancy down in America. This appointment is bad for America.”

American Family Association is a pro-family advocacy organization with over 2.5 million online supporters.