AFMC receives second award for State Covid-19 Contact Tracing

Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care, Inc. (AFMC) received award notification of the second contract to assist the Arkansas Department of Health in its Covid-19 contact tracing efforts. “We are delighted to assist the State of Arkansas in this endeavor,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Hanley. “This allows AFMC, an Arkansas company, to employ Arkansans in the fight against Covid-19.” AFMC voluntarily assisted the state as it began contact tracing in June.

“This contract will allow for us to employ call-center agents, nurses and other skilled professionals to trace the steps of infected Arkansans as well as alerting those who may have come in contact with that individual,” said Hanley.

Chief Business Officer, Nathan Ray estimated over 350 new employees are needed. “We will do this in a phased approach. We understand there are some in the medical community who might be available to assist, and we look forward to speaking with those individuals,” said Ray.

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