An Old Time Stump Meeting in Fairfield Bay

An “Old Time Stump Meeting” is scheduled for Saturday, April 26, 10:30-3:00. We are expecting many political candidates from all parties to participate. Any political candidate who will be on the Fairfield Bay Voter’s Ballot (Van Buren County or Cleburne County) are encouraged to participate. Each candidate will be charged $100.00 to participate. The candidate will be allowed 10 minutes to speak. The candidates will have the opportunity to meet, greet, answer questions and hand out political material anytime during the duration of the “Stump Meeting.” Although candidates are invited to stay for the duration of the “Stump Meeting,” they are not required to do so. They may leave at any time after they speak. Tables are available for an additional fee as follows:

Premium Tables-$500 (Lobby area) Standard Tables – $250 (Upper)

Kirk of the Hill’s Presbyterian Men will be on the deck grilling & selling hot dogs & hamburgers.

If you are a political candidate and would like to participate, please call 501-884-4202.

Remember, the sooner that the candidate confirms their participation, the more likely they are of securing their choice time for speaking. It will also allow us to include their name in future press releases

At this time, those who have signed up are:

Office Seeking

Bradley, Scott (D) VBC Sheriff Sheriff, Van Buren County

Braswell, Troy (Non-P), Prosecutor Circuit Judge, District 20, Division 02

Clark, David M. Clark, Judge Fourth Division Circuit Judge for the 20th Judicial District

Emberton, Lucas, (R) Sheriff, Van Buren County

Murphy, Mike (Non-P) Circuit Judge, District 20, Division 01

Irvin, Missy Thomas, (R) , Sen. Senate

Sellers, Zachary T. (R) State Representative, District 68

Winningham, Joe Don (Non-P) Circuit Judge, 2nd Division, 20th Judicial District


Interest is growing. Sign up soon so that your name will be included in the next news release.

The “Stump Meeting” will be a day of fun, music, food & excitement. It will be FREE and open to the general public. Come, visit with friends and make new ones!