A&P Commission Announced Holiday Event Pitch Contest

The City of Batesville’s Advertising and Promotions (A&P) Commission proudly announces its Holiday Pitch Contest. 

The contest allows interested and experienced parties to pitch their innovative holiday event ideas and compete for funds to bring those ideas to life. Applicants will pitch a unique, well-researched, and practical concept for a new holiday-themed event to attract overnight stays to Batesville. 

The A&P Commission is funding this exciting initiative to enhance the holiday experience in the Christmas Capital of Arkansas™, and encourage tourism growth.

“The contest is a great opportunity for organizations and individuals to compete for start-up funds to support holiday events,” said Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce COO Jamie Rayford. “We see an incredible influx of visitor traffic during the Christmas season, and we are incubating ideas to give visitors a truly unique experience.”  

Applicants are challenged to craft unique, well-researched, and practical ideas for holiday-themed attractions scheduled between November 22 and December 31 or substantial enhancements to existing events that have the potential to attract overnight visitors to Batesville. 

The Commission is generously funding the pitch contest with a total allocation of $40,000, which will be awarded to support the most promising ideas.

“Batesville has built a reputation as the Christmas Capital of Arkansas™, and we are excited to see what new ideas our community adds to grow that brand,” concluded Rayford.

The Batesville A&P Commission will prioritize pitches that feature attractions spanning multiple days and weekends to boost overnight stays and maximize economic impact, include comprehensive promotion plans to generate excitement in advance, embrace collaboration by offering package deals or joint initiatives with other attractions, and align seamlessly with the overarching theme and spirit of other holiday activities, contributing to the cohesive and enchanting holiday experience of the Christmas Capital of Arkansas™.

Learn more and start planning your event at batesvillearea.com/visit/holiday-pitch-contest/.