WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Marion Berry (AR-01) released this statement commemorating the passage of House Resolution 679 a bill that supports the goals and ideals of American Legion Day, which will be celebrated on September 16th.  Congressman Berry is a cosponsor of the bill.

“Today, with the passage of this bill, we pay tribute to one of our nation’s largest and most successful veterans advocacy organizations, the American Legion. Since the Congressional charter was issued on September 16th, 1919, the American Legion has worked tirelessly to serve American veterans and communities across the nation. Arkansas has the honorable distinction of becoming the first American Legion Department in the United States to be incorporated.

The American Legion was founded under four principles or pillars: the care for our veterans, the care for our children, a strong national defense, and the promotion of Americanism. Over the years, the American Legion has become a preeminent community-service organization, which includes more than 2.5 million members at over 14,000 American Legion posts worldwide.

Every year, members of the American Legion donate thousands of hours of community service in veterans’ medical facilities and homes to care for our nation’s heroes.  They remain committed to upholding the ideals of freedom and democracy, strive to improve the overall quality of life to our nation’s servicemen and women, and tirelessly work to make a difference in the lives of fellow Americans.

Now on American Legion Day, we have the opportunity each year to come together and celebrate the organization’s long history and distinguished service to the community, state and nation. Millions of people who have been positively affected by the American Legion, as well as the American people are grateful for their efforts in serving our country.”