Bob Connell talks with Delta Regional Authority Co-Chairman Chris Caldwell on KFFB’s Open mic May 18, 2020

The interview program hosted by Timeless 106.1 KFFB’s General Manager Bob Connell featured with Delta Regional Authority Co-Chairman Chris Caldwell talking about:

Helicopter hanger grant for the new Helipad Base in Fairfield Bay to Serve Greers Ferry Lake Area 24-7 365 Days a year.

Previous four infrastructure projects in the area funded by DRA, DRA’s Regional Development Plan IV this plan will ultimately determine our economic development strategy for the next five years.

Plus they talk about a community input survey for residents to help inform the DNA of the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of the community.

They Recovery for the region post-COVID and tackling recognized deficiencies in the area, such as rural broadband internet capabilities, and other topics.

The program was heard at 7:50, am and 5:50 pm on May 18, 2020.