Boil Orders for Parts of Arkansas

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, the following boil orders for Stone, Izard and White County are listed below:

1/16/2024    Sylamore Valley Water Association  Sylamore Valley Water Association for the entire system     (Stone County)       Pump malfunction

1/16/24 Fifty-Six Waterworks     Fifty-Six Waterworks for the entire system      (Stone County)  Pump malfunction

1/16/24 Guion Water Department     Guion Water Department for the entire system (Izard County)   Pump malfunction

1/16/24 Pleasant Grove  Pleasant Grove for the entire system       (Stone County)  Pump malfunction

1/16/24 Richwoods Water Association     Richwoods Water Association for the entire system (Stone County) Pump malfunction

1/16/24 Mountain View Waterworks Mountain View Waterworks for the entire system (Stone County) Pump malfunction

1/16/24 West Stone County Water Association    West Stone County Water Association for the customers along Hwy 66 and all side roads, including Hwy 263 South to Old Brewer Rd and Hwy 9 South to Shirley   (Stone County)  Pump malfunction

1/16/24 Pangburn waterworks    Pangburn waterworks for the entire system      (White County) Treatment upset/interruption