Boozman: Record-High Gas, Diesel Prices Eating Up Americans’ Disposable Income at the Gas Pump and Beyond

As the U.S. experiences record-high gas prices for the ninth consecutive day, U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) demanded the Biden administration recognize the severity of the crisis and act to help bring Americans relief.

Boozman joined his Republican colleagues to highlight the dire consequences higher gas and diesel prices are having for Arkansans and all Americans including an increase in the prices of everyday goods that require transportation within communities and across the nation.

“If you take $20, $30 out of pockets each week, at least, you wind up with people not having any disposable income left,” Boozman said. “It’s not just gasoline. Diesel is $2 per gallon more expensive than it was a year ago. Food, electricity, the list goes on and on –– those prices aren’t going to go down.”

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The senator has repeatedly called on President Biden and his administration to unleash American energy and pursue an all-the-above approach to help achieve U.S. energy independence.

“Rarely do you have a problem that the answer is staring you in the face. The reality is we need to consider making it much easier to lease, go forward with oil exploration, and allow the pipelines that deliver that oil in a very environmentally sensitive way to be built and used,” the senator continued.

Boozman also criticized the Biden administration’s overtures to Venezuela and Iran to produce more energy for U.S. consumption.