Cancer Center of Excellence HostsSearcy YPN Event

The White County Medical Foundationrecently hosted the first Searcy Young Professionals Network (YPN) event of theyear at the Cancer Center of Excellence.

White County Medical Center VicePresident of Patient Services LaDonna Johnston began by addressing the groupabout the hospital’s commitment to advancing quality healthcare in White Countyand the surrounding area.

“The Cancer Center was createdthrough the partnership of White County Medical Center, White County Oncology,CARTI/Searcy and RAPA/Searcy Breast Center, because we all saw a need forcentrally-located comprehensive cancer care in our community, as well asadvanced technology for patients and their caregivers,” she said.

White County Oncology MedicalOncologist Ryan Koch and CARTI/Searcy Radiation Oncologist Cheryl Payne, alsospoke about their respective areas of cancer care and involvement in the Cancer Center.Then, group members were given a personal tour of the Cancer Centerrepresentatives and Foundation members.

Located at 415 Rodgers Dr. in Searcy, the Cancer Centerencompasses a treatment center for chemotherapy and infusions, radiationtherapy, the Searcy Breast Center,a Diagnostic Center with PET Scanner, appearancecenter, chapel, conference/education room and counseling center.

The most advanced technology eachhealthcare partner has to offer converges in the new Cancer Center,which leads to providing a comprehensive approach to cancer screening,diagnosis and treatment. An important piece of new equipment in the Cancer Centeris a new PET scanner, which is vital in diagnosing cancer. Previously,physicians had to rely on a mobile PET scanner that visited Searcy only once aweek, which meant a limited number of patients could be scheduled in one day.The permanent PET scanner allows greater flexibility in scheduling appointmentsfor patients.

Also, imaging services in the Cancer Centerinclude the latest advances in digital mammography, located in the Breast Center.Finally, CARTI features the most advanced Linear Accelerator in the country,which is the first to be installed in Arkansas.

“As the first YPN event of2012, I am pleased that we were able to partner with WhiteCounty MedicalCenter to bring young professionalstogether and to showcase the CancerCenter as the amazing,new facility it is,” said YPN Chairperson Scott Hannigan, BranchManager/Loan Officer at the Regions Bank West Pleasure location. “We seethe Cancer Center as an important step forward inspecialized medical care for and in our community. It is important for youngprofessionals to be knowledgeable and involved in the growth and enhancement ofSearcy.”