Clinton Business Revitalization Association Plans to break the World record for the Largest Potluck Party


kffb potluck

Clinton Business Revitalization Association (Local citizens group CBRA)  has had their application accepted by Guinness World Records to begin plans to break the world record for the Largest Potluck Party.

The attempt to break the record will be held in conjunction with SurvivorFest which will take place on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

The current record in this category was 860 participants at an event organized by Interfaith of Natrona County in Casper , Wyoming in 2012.

Organizers for the event hope that people from across the state of Arkansas will join in the excitement of breaking the world record not only for the thrill of it having been done in Van Buren County, but also for the pride of Arkansas.

The SurvivorFest event was born from public planning sessions sponsored by CBRA and mentored by Mark Peterson from the University of Arkansas Extension Services Breakthrough Solutions Group. This is part of the “We Love VBC downtown revitalization initiative.”

“Since 2003 our county has suffered 17 natural disasters. Being able to claim the title of one of the states highest ranking counties for natural disasters might not be the best enticement for new business in our county but we can turn a negative into a positive.” says Jackie Sikes, SurvivorFest organizer. “Let’s think of it this way, if you are going to be in a natural disaster, Van Buren County is one of the safest places to be. Not only are our first responders, fire departments, EMT’s and hospital well trained to assist, but this community knows how to pull together and be there when our neighbor needs a helping hand. We want to celebrate our resiliency, our passion for our community and how we are there for each other when it really matters. The people are the heart of Van Buren County and no matter what Mother Nature sends our way nothing can keep us down.”

SurvivorFest will be held in the City Park where there will be games, contests and demonstration booths all related to survival, emergency preparedness and self-sustainability. A memorial service will also be held at the beginning of the event to honor those who have been lost in local tragedies.

The World’s Largest Potluck Party will be held at the Clinton School Arena. Admission to SurvivorFest and the Potluck is “one dish” which is defined by Guinness as “large enough to share with at least six other people at the potluck.” Participants will receive an arm band when they attend the Potluck and the armband will allow them free access to SurvivorFest which will commence immediately following the Potluck. Live entertainment will be performed in the auditorium across the lobby from the arena while food is gathered and set up to be served.

“We’re very excited to be attempting to set this World Record,” says Wendy Russ, event organizer. “It will demonstrate that while we might be a small community, we have a mighty heart and the determination of giants. Who does a potluck better than people in the South?”

Organizers are looking for dedicated volunteers to help with the event. “The amount of documentation we have to turn in to Guinness is staggering,” says Russ. The entire Potluck event must be filmed from start to finish, all participants documented with witness certifications, stewards and independent verifications from witnesses who are non-participants. Participants are eligible for official Guinness certificates of participation.

For more information on SurvivorFest or the Worlds Largest Potluck Party contact: Jackie Sikes 501-253-4716 or Wendy Russ, 501-253-0019.