Congressman Crawford & Griffin Statement on ObamaCare’s One Year Anniversary

Arkansas 1st Congressional District Congressman Rick Crawford (R-Ark.) and Arkansas 2nd Congressional District Congressman Tim Griffin (R-Ark.) issued the following statement on the one year anniversary of ObamaCare being signed into law:

Arkansas 1st Congressional District Congressman Rick Crawford “One year ago today, President Obama signed into law the most massive job-killing entitlement program America has ever seen. Since then, the implications of ObamaCare have come to light and small business owners and Americans understand its damaging consequences.

 I am proud to say one of the first votes I took in Congress was to repeal ObamaCare in its entirety. Since then I also voted to repeal the onerous 1099 tax requirement, which was tacked onto ObamaCare. While these are great strides in the right direction, more needs to be done. This legislation was forced down Americans’ throats, and this Congress was sent to Washington to start truly representing the needs of our constituents. Throughout my term, I will continue to work diligently to repeal and replace the burdensome requirements of ObamaCare.”

Arkansas 2nd Congressional District Congressman Tim Griffin “Our health care system desperately needs meaningful reform, but President Obama’s health care law is not what we need. As more businesses, unions—and even states—receive exemptions from implementing the law, and business leaders—both small and large—decry the law’s burdensome mandates, it is clear the President Obama’s law is flawed beyond repair.

 “I am proud to have voted to repeal the law and call on my friends in the Senate to act. Let’s replace the new health care law with common sense reforms that lower costs, preserve the doctor-patient relationship, permit Americans to keep the coverage they have, allow the private sector to create jobs and follow the Constitution.”