Congressman French Hill Votes to Keep Government Open

Congressman French Hill (AR-02) issued the following statement supporting a short-term measure to fund government operations at current funding levels until February 16, 2018:

“I’m sick and tired of voting on short-term spending bills, but I’m not going to vote to shut down the government at the expense of our men and women in uniform, especially given the evolving threats around the world. As I have said repeatedly, the ball is in the Senate’s court because the House has already passed all twelve of our spending bills. We need to stop playing politics with our military, our Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and broken immigration system. I supported this measure the House passed tonight to ensure our common defense is fully operational and our soldiers have the proper tools and resources to carry out their missions. It’s also critical to fund priorities that Arkansans reply upon such as CHIP and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which this bill does. We must ensure our military, federal agencies, and other key governmental entities have the resources they need to fulfill their duties and serve hardworking Arkansans and Americans.”