Congressman French Hill’s Response to Macron’s Address to Congress

WASHINGTON – Rep. Hill issued the following statement after His Excellency Emmanuel Macron, President of France, addressed the joint session of Congress:

“It was a privilege to welcome President Macron to the U.S. Capitol. I appreciate him standing before the portraits of George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette and offering a strong and heartfelt passionate speech about France and America’s shared ideals and the bonds that have united us since the founding of our country.

“I appreciated him talking about the need for France and America to work together to lead the civilized world in this new millennium by advancing free and fair trade, common approaches to protecting innovation, and the protection of intellectual property and private property rights. Likewise, I was grateful for his keen sense of partnership — that over time France and the United States will find the best way to pursue policies that preserve the environment, fight back against ‘fake news’ propaganda, terrorism, and corruption, and, perhaps, most importantly, work together to defeat nuclear proliferation and promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and ensure that Iran never possesses a nuclear weapon.”