Congressman Marion Berry Offers Alternative Healthcare Will Be on Open Mic Monday

Congressman Marion Berry says a bill he’s offering would reduce health-care costs so that insurance coverage would be cheaper and thus available to millions more Americans.

Congressman Marion Berry said Thursday his measure would also cut the costs of the federal government’s Medicare and Medicaid programs.

The Democrat who represents the 1st District in east Arkansas said he was offering his measure as an alternative to the bill being promoted by President Obama. He said that the President bill’s anti-abortion provisions are not strong enough, or mandating Americans to have health care insurance. He also comments on the Health Care czar on KFFB’S open mic with KFFB’S Bob Connell, Open Mic will air Monday at 7:40 am and 5:40 pm. and will be available at KFFB.COM.

Berry also said his measure would not require health-insurance coverage to be offered or provided to any more people, but would make that more likely as costs go down.