Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-1): Says 75-Day CR is Wrong Approach

Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-1) issued the following statement concerning the latest continuing resolution:

“I strongly oppose a 75-day CR that gives the thumbs up to trillions in new entitlement spending while trying to claim artificial victory.  Merely delaying the individual mandate, which will make ObamaCare cost even more, and ending the healthcare subsidy for Congress, is a bad and weak deal.   Republicans can and must do better because we cannot allow our nation to rush ahead with trillions in new entitlement spending that will worsen the debt crisis.

“I do and will support the end of subsidies for Members of Congress, the President, and Administration appointees, but we must also require the fanatical borrow-and-spend Washington Democrats to take an up-or-down vote affirming that it make sense for our nation to speed ahead with $1.3 trillion in new entitlement spending while our nation is in the middle of a debt crisis.

“It is essential that we at least require a series of short term CRs that will include, each time, an up-or-down vote forcing Democrats to reaffirm that they want to impose a costly new entitlement that will make our existing debt crisis worse.  This takes a government shutdown off table while putting the irresponsible economics of ObamaCare before the American people on a recurring basis.”