Cotton Recognizes National School Choice Week

Senator Tom Cotton (R- Arkansas) today recognized National School Choice Week by submitting a statement to the Congressional Record. The text of his statement is below.

As National School Choice Week comes to a close, I want to highlight the important role school choice plays in our education system in Arkansas and across the country.

I am the proud graduate of Arkansas’s public schools and the son of a public-school teacher and principal. Throughout my life, I was blessed with wonderful parents, teachers, and coaches who taught the skills, knowledge, and values needed for success in the workforce. Unfortunately, not all children have the same experience.

Dardanelle High School was the right choice for me, but the local public school isn’t always the right fit for everyone. Too many children aren’t receiving the attention or education they deserve. This is especially true in areas with poor performing schools. But it’s not always about the quality of education, sometimes local schools can not make adequate accommodations for a child’s religious beliefs or personal needs. Quite simply, one size fits all isn’t the key to success for education.

That’s why I believe in school choice.

Parents, not politicians and bureaucrats, know what is best for their children. We should empower them and ensure they have access to alternatives to the traditional public system. This includes home schooling, charter schools, and private and religious schools. That way, every child will receive the type of education that best fits their learning style. To countless families across America, school choice means accessing the best possible education for their children. By providing school choice, we can promote innovation in our schools, provide more personalized education for our children, and improve racial and economic disparities in educational outcomes. I am pleased to celebrate School Choice Week and the improvements that school choice has brought to our country.