COVID-19 Update Confirm 1,044 active cases with 107 Total Deaths in Arkansas as of 1:30 pm Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Dr. Nathaniel Smith, Secretary of the Arkansas Department of Health, confirm 1044 active cases for a total of 5,003 total Confirmed Cases, 91,255 total negative tests in Arkansas.

At the time of this press conference, a total of 78 are Hospitalized, 14 ICU Patients, as of 1:30 pm as of May 20, 2020.

Counties with COVID-19 cases: broke out as total active (Counties Ranked by Active Cases), then by total positive, total negative, total recoveries and deaths in the Timeless 106.1 KFFB listening area (as of 11:33 am on May 20, 2020):

Pulaski County Active Positive: 109, Total Positive: 724, Recovered: 587, Deaths: 28, Negatives: 10,049

Pope County Active Positive: 32, Total Positive: 79, Recovered: 47, Deaths: 0, Negatives: 2,048

Sharp County Active Positive: 30, Total Positive: 40, Recovered: 8, Deaths: 2, Negatives: 228

Faulkner County Active Positive: 12, Total Positive: 95, Recovered: 80, Deaths: 3, Negatives: 2,517

Independence County Active Positive: 8, Total Positive: 27, Recovered: 19, Deaths: 0, Negatives: 606

Izard County Active Positive: 4, Total Positive: 14, Recovered: 10, Deaths: 0, Negatives: 166

Lonoke County Active Positive: 3, Total Positive:46, Recovered: 43, Deaths: 0, Negatives: 1,438

White County Active Positive: 3, Total Positive: 37, Recovered: 33, Deaths: 1, Negatives: 1,452

Conway County Active Positive: 1, Total Positive: 14, Recovered: 12, Deaths: 1, Negatives: 474

Baxter County Active Positive: 1, Total Positive: 6, Recovered: 5, Deaths: 0
Negatives: 480

Fulton County Active Positive: 1, Total Positive: 4, Recovered: 3, Deaths: 0, Negatives: 194

Cleburne County Active Positive: 1, Total Positive: 73, Recovered: 68, Deaths: 4, Negatives: 545

Van Buren County Active Positive: 0, Total Positive: 28, Recovered: 26, Deaths: 2, Negatives: 387

Stone County Active Positive: 0, Total Positive: 8, Recovered: 8, Deaths: 0, Negatives: 196

Searcy County Active Positive: 0, Total Positive: 6, Recovered: 6, Deaths: 0, Negatives: 301

Jackson County Active Positive: 0, Total Positive: 1, Recovered: 1, Deaths: 0,   Negatives: 196

Notes from past News Conferences

All of Arkansas is open for business with some restrictions, Bars are the only exception to open in days to come.

DATA BREACH UPDATE: New website for unemployment Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) (is temporarily shut down) 100 staff are working on the new system with Pro-tech company, the system had to be shut down because of a data breach.

After Monday, May 18, 2020, all retail businesses in Arkansas is open for Business.

All health offices will be able to give test for COVID-19

Trust Fund stands at 178 million dollars for unemployment

347.9 million has been paid out to Arkansas

30,000 applications for self employed unemployment

Community Health Centers are expanding to 2,000 tests per week, if you do not have insurance you will be tested for free.

The goal of 60,000 tests done in the month of May, as of May 12, 2020, there have been 23,949 tests that have been done in the State of Arkansas.

Arkansas has received the new drug Remdesivir Injection from the CDC a new drug for COVID-19

100,000 unemployment checks will be issued this week, over 780 million in the reserve fund for unemployment in Arkansas.

23,000 have filed claims for the Pandemic Unemployment Insurance

12,000 have applied for Arkansas Ready for Business Grant Program

Pools, Splash pads, water parks and swim beach- Effective May 22, No entry if fever, symptoms or contact with positive patient, 50 percent capacity, 6-foot physical distancing in all areas, If needed, fewer entrances so overcrowding can be controlled, Markings to note distancing at slides, diving boards, anywhere with a line, Disinfect high touch areas frequently tables, chairs moved 6 feet apart(family groups can sit together, Maintain pool chemistry with twice-daily PH testing, Lifeguard training can begin today.

147 million dollars has been approved by the Arkansas Legislators for Arkansas Ready For Business Grant Program.

May 18, 2020 opening Casinos in Arkansas at 1/3 capacity with guidance from the AHD.

Executive order to help Gas & oil industry by wavers.

State Revere is down 28.5 % Arkansas has readjusted it’s projections

New Executive Emergency Order Extending 45 Days

Restriction for Recreational travelers is lifted for non-hot spots (no entry for recent travelers to N.Y, N.J., Conn., an New Orleans). With strong protocol to protect guests and staff.

Large Outdoor Venues Directive – Effective May 18, Examples: arenas, sports venues, race tracks, stadiums, amusement centers, fairgrounds, 12-foot distance between performers, audience, 50 or fewer performers/players/contestants, Audience of 50 or fewer people, 6- foot distancing in seating, except for family groups, lines marked/monitored for distancing, every other row should be unoccupied, Face coverings required for anyone over 10 years old If 12-foot distancing maintained from all others, no face covering required for performer/player/contestant, Signs should advise no entry if any symptoms or contact with positive patient, Hand sanitizer stations at all entrances/exits, refreshments allowed, but no self-service, facility including seating cleaned before/after each use

May 15, 2020, Arkansas State Parks phase #1 open use of Cabins, Lodges, and Rent-A-RV, Reservations limited to Friday through Monday only to Allow for cleaning, In-State Residents only

May 15, 2020, Arkansas State Parks phase #1 opening the following to limited capacity and with social distancing enforced: Restaurants and Food Service Facilities, Museums and Exhibits, Retail including Visitor Centers, Gift Shops, and Golf Pro Shops, Marinas and Rental Equipment.

Grandparents and Grandchildren (those contacts of those adults over 65 is at phase 3 of lifting restrictions)

Under Phase One- Encourage Telework, Return to work in Phases, Close Common Areas, Minimize Non-Essential Travel, Strongly consider Special Accommodations for personnel who are members of a Vulnerable Population

Dr. Smith says we must be careful of a resurgence of COVID-19 if we are to open up our economy.

New website for unemployment (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Email Alert System scan me code on the new website)

Schools will remain closed for the remainder of the School year, no in-school instruction, Sr’s will graduate, AMI will be continuing,  for 2019-2020 school year

Golfing is allowed with restrictions

Dr. Smith encouraging folks to be outside because of ultraviolet light decreases transmission for a wide variety of germs

If you are unemployed text the word, “unemployment” to 501-376-1111

ADH has activated a call center to answer questions from health care providers and the public about the novel coronavirus. During normal business hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm), urgent and non-urgent calls, please call 1-800-803-7847 or email After normal business hours and weekend calls, needing immediate response, please call 1-800-554-5738.


Watch Wednesday‘s May 20, 2020, News Conference with Governor Asa Hutchinson