Crawford Introduces Highway Safety Bill

Congressman Rick Crawford (R-Ark.) Friday introduced legislation that keeps drug-abusing drivers from operating large trucks.

The Safe Roads Act of 2011 (H.R. 2549) closes a current loophole that is easily exploited by drug-abusing drivers.  The Safe Roads Act establishes a central repository of drivers’ drug and alcohol test results, which prevents drivers who fail a drug or alcohol test in one state from driving in another.

“The Safe Roads Act is commonsense legislation that protects everyone on the road,” said Congressman Rick Crawford. “Creating a clearinghouse to store all test results will ensure drug-abusing drivers cannot share the road with families.  I am happy Arkansas already uses a central repository and it is time a national system is in place.”

The Safe Roads Act is a revenue-neutral bill allowing Congress to authorize the development and deployment of a centralized clearinghouse for drug and alcohol test results. Arkansas Senators Pryor and Boozman recently introduced nearly identical legislation, S. 754, in the United States Senate.

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