D.C. Morrison, candidate for the U.S. Senate, supports the Fair Tax Proposal

A fiscal conservative, Morrison says the proposal would slash billions of dollars off the federal budget. The plan would abolish the IRS and do away with all forms of income tax, replaced by one national sales tax. Also under this proposal, a family of 4 earning $29,000 or below would not pay taxes.
Morrison further states, “it would save $300 billion annually in the operation of our tax system, while it would also collect $380 billion in taxes that now slip through the system.” Morrison says he will work with the 82 members of congress who already support the proposal. 
In a recent debate, Morrison pointed out that the Fair Tax Proposal would also promote job creation.  He says since the plan is based on consumption instead of income, “this would encourage businesses to invest in the United States instead of sending jobs overseas.”
 D.C. Morrison is an Agricultural Loan Consultant from Little Rock and is running as the only Conservative Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arkansas’ May 18th Primary.