Dave Elswick Endorses Conrad Reynolds

CONWAY –  The very popular conservative talk show host Dave Elswick of KARN has endorsed Col. Conrad Reynolds for the U.S. Senate.  Mr. Elswick made his choice after a year of vetting all eight republican candidates for the position.

 “I believe Conrad Reynolds is the man for the job.  I have interviewed all of them more than once and I just believe he is a cut about the rest. From the first time I met him, Conrad has been straight forward and to the point  – that is refreshing.  He is a man that I trust to keep his word.  He is not a career politician and he was the first to embrace term limits – I just believe he walks the walk.  He is the only candidate who has literally put his life on the line for our freedoms and I respect him for his service to our country.” 

I encourage you to vote for this man and lets get him into the runoff.  I will do all I can to support Conrad,” Elswick told his listening audience during his afternoon talk show on Thursday.

 Col. Reynolds, who was a guest on the show when Elswick made his endorsement, was honored to have Elswick’s support. “Dave has earned the respect and admiration of his listening audience.  Over the past decade, he has built a large audience because he is a person people believe in – he has earned our trust.  That is why his endorsement is so special.  The fact that he endorsed me, after interviewing all eight people running for the Senate is truly exciting.  I am both humbled and honored to accept his endorsement.”

 The endorsement came during an hour-long interview on Elswick’s popular radio show.