Day of Encouragement September 12, 2008

The idea for the Day of Encouragement sprang from a group of high school students in June 2007 at the National Leadership Forum at Harding University in Searcy, Ark. They were challenged to come up with an idea that would make the world better.  They felt like most problems that students face such as drugs and alcohol all come from one source, a lack of encouragement.

The encouragement foundation began last August when President George Bush acknowledged the National Day of Encouragement as September 12th.

The goal of the foundation is inspire people to support each other through acts of encouragement.

On the day following the anniversary of one of America’s darkest moments, we wish to remember not only the heroes and victims’ from that day, but also the camaraderie and encouragement strangers gave to one another during the recovery process.

You can visit our website for additional information. I look forward to working with to promote this movement.