Department of Health and Human Services distributes “Safe” Crack Pipes! Cotton Demands Clarification

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) sent a letter to Secretary Xavier Becerra at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) demanding clarification on the department’s reversal to distribute taxpayer-funded crack pipes as part of its harm reduction initiative. Cotton also condemned the department’s accusation that the Washington Free Beacon was spreading “misinformation” regarding the “safe smoking kits.”

In part, Cotton wrote, “I’m writing about your department’s smear of the Washington Free Beacon’s report on your ‘safe smoking kits’—kits which, until last week, included taxpayer-funded crack pipes.”

“What happened is obvious. HHS planned to allow the safe smoking kits to include crack pipes. You got caught, scrambled under pressure, and falsely accused the Free Beacon of ‘misinformation,’” Cotton continued.

Text of the letter may be found here and below.